Finding a Home for Purchase

Finding a Home for Purchase

Buying a home is the new normal nowadays. Most of us don’t want to go the whole hog of building our own houses. Building is engaging, let’s not mislead each other. In fact, it is the primary reason, if not the only reason why most of us who dream of owning a home don’t want to walk that route. I would say time without number that purchasing a home is the shortest and easiest route to owning a home. But how can we find these homes? Allow me to share with you some tips in relation to this question.

Listing Websites

The internet is what I would call a mall; we can find there everything we want. When it comes to homes, we have dozens of websites at our disposal where lots of homes that are up for sale are listed. A simple search on Google will bring forth almost uncountable options. These sites include,, and, among many more. One thing to keep in mind is that not every listing site is genuine. Some rogue individuals out there may be out to milk our hard-earned money; thus we should read the reviews of every site before deciding to purchase a home.

Social Media

Social media is home to all sorts of information, and it can be a good place to begin our search. Many sellers will post their homes on the social media platforms so that potential buyers can see. As long as we are on social media, especially Facebook, we can keep tabs on these posts. In doing so, we must ensure that the sellers have a good profile and reputation so that we don’t fall in the hands of scammers. Thankfully, most top media platforms don’t entertain scammers, and they tend to impose harsh punishments on users who try to scam others, including closure of their accounts.

Mainstream Media

While social media may have taken root in our lives today, the truth is that mainstream media still has life, a long one in fact. Who among us doesn’t watch TV, listen to radio, or read a newspaper? We all do this, and that is why I have no doubt whatsoever that this form of media will continue to exist. That said, these mediums are a source of information with regards to houses that are on sale. Serious real estate dealers will always put adverts in the mainstream media, and they pay a lot of money for these ads, given that the mainstream media audiences go far and wide. That said, such adverts should give us a sense of security, given that most rogue property dealers will not spend money on such expensive adverts. Hence, the chances of such adverts turning out to be a scam are very slim.


Auctioneers will always have something to sell, including houses. This is because there are so many people out there who have defaulted on their mortgages. Such defaulters leave lenders with one option: to auction their property. Checking with auctioneers to know what they have on offer is essential. Typically, when a house or any other property is surrendered to the auctioneer, the auctioneer will give a time frame for bidding, and the highest bidder will go with the house. The good thing about purchasing houses on auction is that it is possible to get a nice house on the cheap, as long as no one else has submitted a bid that is higher than ours.

Real Estate Agents/Brokers

These people will always have the property they are selling, and they can come in handy when looking for a home to purchase. They have built their business around finding the dream home for aspiring homeowners, so they will have all the necessary experience and knowledge to help you on this path. Of course, it is important for every realtor and business to have access to seller leads in order to make a name for themselves in the industry. Once established, it will be much easier for house hunters to find professionals that can help them on their journey. However, we must be prepared to pay for the home as well as the agent’s/broker’s fee. In most cases, the price of the house will be inclusive of the agent’s/broker’s fee in order to avoid any post-purchase squabbles. Also, certain professional real estate firms along with selling the homes, might also provide various other facilities like providing a home loan, mortgage loan, and even help sell houses. Therefore, while looking for an established company, make sure your requirements are made crystal clear to them. Only then, they might be able to escalate the process faster.


Our friends can have information about which homes are on sale out there. There is nothing complex about asking them for the information. If they are genuine friends, they will always be willing to share with us the information. We should, however, be careful as some people may want to act as brokers and inflate the price for their selfish gain.