Designing Your Space on a Budget

Designing Your Space on a Budget

Trying to get that classy feel to your home can be a bit challenging, especially when you are on a budget. Fortunately, I am here to give out ideas on how to design your space on a budget. Let us have that high-end look without going high with our budget!

  1. Re-organize!

First things first, if you are designing your space on a budget, clear everything out. Get rid of the clutter. Check your stuff, some may not be usable anymore, and some can still make do with a little crafting. Style your shelves, arrange your books, and take away the boxes. This can even bring out space to your room that you never thought you had. Do not forget to keep your surface areas clean and try displaying art pieces or some flowers to add a finishing touch.

  1. Paint

Color matters and what better way to achieve it than to paint? Painting is one of the easiest yet also the hardest to do. Getting the materials and painting the walls is easy and inexpensive, but choosing the color could give you a hard time. Your color palette would be your furniture, and I must admit, even I have a hard time choosing them, especially when you have furniture of various colors.

Here is a tip, understand hues. Certain colors can just show off your space. Why not try something bold and dramatic? Or going all soft and pastel? This all depends on your color personality.

  1. Create Atmosphere

Add something that can bring out coziness to your space. Go get some flowers and candles! Set up a mood for your space and choose a scent that suits your likings. Do not forget the container! Why not also try using empty jars or bottles instead of department-bought vases to put your flowers in? I prefer doing this since it just adds a little something to my room.

  1. Lighting

Lighting makes a difference! While most people would go with the standard lighting fixtures, going with modern light fixtures can add up a unique style to your space. Designer stuff does not always have to be expensive. You can go check out flea markets and second-hand stores for your cheap yet classy accessories. Do not just stop by having only one light in your room, choose more light sources. For instance, table lamps and floor lamps will provide an elegant feeling to any area. Before installing new light fixtures, it is best to get the wiring of your house checked. Dedicated and certified electricians such as the ones from W3 Electric ( or similar service providers could inspect the electrical wiring of the house as well as install your new lights!

  1. DIY Crafts

The cheapest alternative for decorating your space. Bring out the creativity in you! Browse the internet or read some blogs about Do It Yourself crafts and get inspired by them. You do not have to worry about your budget and you can also have fun in the process of crafting. There are lots of things you can do with the used stuff in your home. And sometimes, a little tinkering can help in making something little you own look very exceptional.

  1. Accents

Try changing some accents to your hardware. Replace your doorknobs and handles for a quick and easy makeover. Replace your lampshades, throw out a new sheet to your pillows and beds, and even your curtains. You can go and change according to season. Here are some colors you can try depending on the season; pastel for the spring season shades of red, brown on grey for autumn, shades of green in the summer, and pale blue in the winter.

  1. Hang some art pieces

Whether it would be posters, pictures, paintings, anything really can be hung on your wall. You can print out your posters, or buy some cheap frames for your pictures. Another tip, find something unique and eye-catching. Experiment and look at what fits best on your wall.

  1. Take your time

Do not pressurize yourself into designing your space all at once, especially since you are on a budget. First, buy the essentials, and do not splurge too much on them. Check the prices and also check their details. A cheap piece of furniture would not be worth it if it will not last you even a year.

Get to know your space and in time it will be filled with things that you love.


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