3 Reasons to Need a Tree Lopping or Removal Service

3 Reasons to Need a Tree Lopping or Removal Service

Certain types of trees will grow to heights that become unmanageable without specialist extending equipment and a skilled pair of hands on the loppers. This is where specialist firms can help you. They are also adept at using chainsaws to completely remove a tree that is a danger or has become diseased. When removing a tree, always think about planting another in its place to help the environment and in a more appropriate place, perhaps.

The fastest-growing trees in Queensland include the Magnolia “Teddy Bear”, Japanese Maple, Cercis “Forest Pansy”, Tahitian Lime, and Dwarf Flowering Gum. Quite how the last one gets its full name is somewhat of a mystery. Gum trees are, of course, named after the Native Americans and pioneers chewing on hard clumps of the tree’s resin.

So, who can we turn to when it comes to giving our tree a much-needed lop or trim, or when wanting to have it completely removed because safety is at stake? Well, an arborist will be happy to help with any tree problems. Click here, and you can learn more about a company in South East Queensland that offers arborist services. With regards to our article, continue reading to think about the different reasons why we would want to completely remove or lop a tree.

More Light

One of the main reasons that we have a tree lopped or pruned annually will be to restore the light to our home because it has become an obstruction. Trees block sunlight and can make a place look dark. Also, we have to consider those next door that will be equally inconvenienced. Even if they do not complain, it is courtesy to consider their needs. A row of trees with no gaps has the potential to create an argument with those next door.

Where a tree is obstructing and should be removed, it is for those whose land the roots are on to pay for removing the tree. There is not normally a legal responsibility in most instances, though, it is just courtesy to be considerate. Where there is an issue, mediation between parties is seen as a good option to help resolve the matter.

Time of Year

Generally, tree roots will grow the greatest amount in late spring to early summer. Many will also have another spurt in growth in early autumn, the fall season. So, this is when lopping services will be most in demand. It pays to book your arborist in early so that they can fit you in.

For Safety or Where a Tree is Diseased

Occasionally, trees can become dangerous after being damaged in strong winds or because of tree diseases affecting them. In this case, for the safety of the people and property around them, they are best promptly removed. It is ideal to remove trees when they have less foliage to cut off first, but you might not always have a choice. A skilled arborist will take care of any tree, whatever its height. A 24/7 service will be available to deal with trees that have the potential to fall on something or someone any time soon.

Having an arborist take care of Tree Trimming might also help with your safety since you won’t have to engage in risky climbing activities using a ladder and ropes. Leave anything involving great heights to those used to heights and experienced at using the equipment needed. The level of danger from power tools increases when heights are involved.

It can be a safety or insurance issue, with regards to subsidence, when a tree has been planted too near to a house. That is its roots are spreading out to a greater distance than the person planting the tree had realised they would. This may not be the owner of the house’s fault but down to a previous owner’s lack of tree knowledge.

In terms of diseased trees, diseases that affect Australian trees or native plants include Botrytis (grey mould), Fusarium, Galls, Ink Spot, Phytophthora, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia. They can also develop rusts and pests and diseases that are unfamiliar to them. Eucalyptus rust is thought to be one of the more serious threats to Australia’s natural ecosystems and eucalypt production forests. These consist predominantly of the Myrtaceae family.

If you ignore these things, it may have an impact on your family’s overall health. If the tree in your backyard or front porch becomes diseased and consequently attracts pests, they may enter your home. Pests may infect your family members and necessitate the services of professionals from companies such as the Pest Authority of Charlottesville (or wherever you live). It could turn out to be a much more expensive affair for you. So, if you want to avoid these extra costs, you should probably get rid of that old tree by hiring tree removal services.

Apart from that, for aesthetic appeal but straightforward maintenance, go for trees with smaller roots. Trees to avoid because of their invasive roots include the camphor laurel, evergreen alder, evergreen figs, gum (eucalyptus), liquidambar, palms, pride of Bolivia, silver maple, southern magnolia, white poplar, and willow.

In summary, we are likely to want to lop a tree for more light and at a time of year when there is more growth, and completely remove a tree where there are safety issues or when diseases are present affecting the growth and stability of the tree. It is good to know an arborist who can take care of all these situations.


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