Making a Small Space Look Bigger Than It Is

Making a Small Space Look Bigger Than It Is

There are times when some people find a small space suffocating to live in, which is why they want to opt for a bigger one instead. Some people just prefer to have their small space look big, but would not know how to make this feasible—they even question if it is feasible in the first place. The answer to this is yes, and it is achievable even with the simplest, easiest steps.

Keep in mind that you do not have to worry too much when decorating your small space, as small spaces are the easiest to decorate, which is why the steps to making a small space look bigger are guaranteed to be easy to follow, as well. You would achieve this within no time.

Always keep your room clean

Most of the time, a small space will look even smaller than it already is with all of the clutter in the room. Mess equates to a suffocating feeling, and if you want to make your small space look bigger, you must learn how to clean. Throw away the trash, store all the miscellaneous things inside a box, and arrange everything to its designated place.

Go with a rather minimalistic, simple feel

Lighter colors will make your room bigger, and more refreshing and rejuvenating, as well. A minimalistic feel is the best type that you should go for if you want your room to look bigger. Go for light paint, as well. Natural colors are the ones you should opt for, and you could achieve this with wooden furniture, as well.

Natural light is always better than synthetic

You may have probably heard to always let your room have good lighting, but the best way to achieve this tip is by letting natural light in. With that said, use curtains that have light fabric. Any room size will look bigger once natural light is in, and if you do the opposite, your space will look nothing but suffocating. Practice opening the windows and installing a light bright enough for your room.

Partially paint your walls

Having to paint your room with just one solid color makes it look simple and that is a good step to achieve a minimalistic look. But to make it better, and to make your ceilings look higher, partially painting your walls (horizontally) is highly encouraged. To do this, paint the lower part of your wall a different shade, then let the rest of your walls be.

Mirrors are a big help in making your room look bigger

Mirrors are a small spaces’ best friend. Any type of mirror would suit this step, and it is up to you to choose a mirror that would match the aesthetic of your place. An additional tip to this is to place the mirror behind your lamp. Doing this will not only make your space look bigger, but it will also look brighter.

Have organic pieces decorate your room

Wooden chairs and tables could help a lot with this step. For a natural feel, wood is always your go-to material. If not, wicker or rattan pieces could also help. Both of these are a trend anyway, so that is a bonus. Aside from that, organic pieces match a lot with the natural tones that you have used for your walls. You can also be creative and tie a jute rope around your vase, giving it a natural feel.

Always be resourceful when designing

Being resourceful is a must when it comes to designing small spaces. Let us say that you have an extra dining chair that you do not have use for since you do not invite that many friends or guests inside your house. Peel that chair out of your dining table and use it as a side table in your bedroom, instead. Make use of foldable beds instead of regular ones. When it comes to being resourceful, there are a lot of ideas that you could search for or think of yourself.

Mount your television

Think about it; most of your living space is probably consumed by the table on which you have your television on. Save on space by mounting your television instead, and have the table placed


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