DIY Crafts That Are a Must for a Home Interior

DIY Crafts That Are a Must for a Home Interior

It is no surprise that do-it-yourself crafts and pieces are trending these days, especially when most of the population are still in their homes and would have nothing else to do. Doing and designing home interior pieces by yourself is a good way to spend time, and having to display this in your space is exciting, as well.

You want to start on crafting home interior pieces yourself, as well, but you are unsure of where to start as you have no ideas or experience in this field. Fortunately, however, below are the easiest DIY crafts that you could go with to add more pieces to your home interior.

Make a pedestal for your pieces

Get a wooden pedestal and start painting it with any solid color that would match well with your interior. You can also play with the colors and make them contrast with the rest of your displays. After placing it inside your space, start putting various designs on top of it. It could be a simple picture frame, or perhaps a tall plant.

Get yourself a nautical vase

The nautical feel is sure in trend these days, and this DIY craft can help you keep up with the minimalistic, simply warm, nautical feel. You do not have to purchase a vase for this, as you can make one your own! Get an old vase in your house, and have jute rope tied around it. After that, you are all good to go.

Little teapot turned into a vase

Speaking of vases… Do you have an old teapot inside your cupboard that you do not have any use for anymore? Put it out! Have your teapot painted a solid color and start placing your plant inside of it. That way, you would not have to worry about throwing it out. You can be creative and put designs on this teacup, as well.

Nothing goes wrong with wicker furniture

As most people say, wicker furniture is indeed timeless with its beauty. Do you have any old wicker furniture or displays that you have kept in your storage? It is best that you put it out and have it on display, then. Old wicker trays can be hung in the wall as a design, and wicker baskets can double as accessory and storage for clutter, as well. Wicker design brings a classy, natural feel with it.

Add new patterns to your plain dresser

A plain dresser may look too mundane and boring for your room, but livening it up is simple just with paint and even wallpaper. Simply paint it with different patterns and matching colors, or if you are unconfident with a brush, then wallpapers to paste are available. With this, your dresser will look not only lively but new, as well.

Make a table out of books

This may sound incredulous at first, but it is feasible. Do you have old Britannica encyclopedia books in your house that you do not make use of? Keeping them in storage and having no time to even open them will accumulate dust, so you should make them a side table instead.

To put it together, cut trim to make a box frame that fits around the other book, nail it to the underside of the tabletop, and paint the cover. Drill a hole the size of a dowel through the middle of each book and glue the dowel to the table’s underside. Stack the books when lining up the holes and twisting them. To hold the dowels to the tabletop, skewer them through the gaps.

Put displays on your ladder

You may or may not know of this, but this design is still popular and in trend these days. To top it all off, it is extremely easy to do, as well. Simply get a ladder and place it in a certain spot of your room, then start placing designs on it. These could be books or personalized pieces that you would like to display. Most people put their plants on top of it, though, for a warmer and natural appeal.


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