The Common Questions About Installing Solar Panels at Home

The Common Questions About Installing Solar Panels at Home

Installing solar panels at home is not only good for the environment, but it could also save us lots of money on the energy bill. However, installing solar panels is a large investment, and it could last around 30 to 35 years. Many people want to know “how do solar panels work?“, as swapping to renewable energy in your home is a big step. So, it makes sense that before installing the solar panels at home, as homeowners, we have a lot of concerns, especially about our roofs. The following are some common questions that we have to consider before we install solar panels at home.

Could my Roof Hold Up the Solar Panels all the time?

In general, solar panels’ average weight is about 40 lbs. Thus, we could install solar panels on almost any roof as long as it has enough sunlight and space. However, it is still good to get your roof inspected by a company like Complete Roofing Solutions just to make sure your roof is strong enought to take that weight. If a roof is damaged and weak, such as a leaking roof, then the solar panels’ weight could cause it to end up slumping. Additionally, the roof structure damaged like a leaking roof affects the insulation of our home;

and poor insulation offsets the outcome of the solar panels. The common signs indicate a damaged roof are:

  • Loose or broken tiles; it can cause a leaking roof;
  • Water damage, which is caused by a leaking roof;
  • Cracks or punctures;
  • Leaks or stains appearing on the walls or ceiling of the attic, which is caused by a leaking roof;
  • Worn down materials;
  • Damage to the structure;
  • Energy bill climbing up recently.

It goes without saying that if a roof has any such signs or is towards the end of its life, we should get it checked and ensure that it will withstand the solar installation before going for the solar panels.

What Are the Benefits for Replacing a Roof When Installing Solar Energy?

If the evaluation on a roof has determined that it needs a replacement for installing the solar panels, replacing it when installing the solar panels is certainly a wise move. There are so many companies that can offer roof replacement services ( being one of them), so that your roof is structurally ready for solar panels.

One of the benefits is that solar panels could generally last longer than most of the materials in a roof. If we replace a roof when installing the solar panels, the solar will extend its lifetime in the parts where the solar panels cover. The other of the benefits is that if we install the solar energy on a brand-new roof, we probably don’t need to re-roof during the whole lifetime of the solar panels, and it helps us save lots of money in the long run. For example, we could avoid the costs to remove and reinstall the solar panels.

Besides, if we replace a roof when installing the solar panels, as Americans, we could also take advantage of about 26% federal tax credit for both. For more accurate information, check with a tax professional before doing the solar panels.

Is it Worthy of the Costs To Replace a Roof When Installing Solar Panels?

Could we imagine what it would be like if our roof suddenly began to sag after installing the solar panels because of not replacing it? We will not only need to pay for removing and reinstalling our solar panels, but we will also have to risk damaging our solar panels during the entire process. Besides, as our solar energy is off, the electricity bill will climb up in the period.

In general, the insulation of our home relies on the roof. If a roof cannot insulate our home enough, we need to turn up our heating in winter and lower our cooling in summer, which will end up paying the higher energy bills. Moreover, a new roof could also increase the value of our home. Thus, do not worry about the costs of replacing a roof when installing solar panels because if we choose to sell our home, the money spent on replacing a roof and installing the solar panels should get back to us. Consider getting a specialist like National Home Improvement (find them here at and others in your vicinity, to get your roof replaced in the event that you install solar panels.

So, the costs of replacing a roof when installing solar panels seem to be expensive initially, but in the long run, it will not only save us from plenty of trouble but also save us a lot of money. All in all, installing solar panels at home to save energy and the environment has become a trend.